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The West Vancouver Dance Conservatory Association is a Non-profit

Association who has come together to create a studio that brings the highest

level of training to young dancers at a cost affordable to every family. We have 

created an environment where all students are nurtured and

developed with love, care and respect. The DANCE Conservatory has a

mandate to support every student and prides itself on a faculty who provide

the best in Art Education. This team works together to provide high level 

training for our students and are passionate about bringing out the best in

every student. In a society where life throws many more

demands on our youth it is imperative we channel their energy into

programs that bring confidence, a sense of belonging, focus and tools

to help them feel secure.  

The DANCE Conservatory believes in combining artistry with strong technical foundations, 

fostering work ethic, integrity, passion and creativity. Art and Culture in a community is so vital 

and holds so many powerful tools. Students gain self-confidence, become disciplined and learn the art of self

expression. Tools which will benefit them and can be carried with them

throughout their lives no matter what career path they choose. 

THE DANCE Conservatory is a studio where we strive to create a nurturing

environment where education and art can co-exist. We want to encourage

our students to develop expertise in different genres and styles in a studio

where they will develop lifelong friendships and family values. The DANCE

Conservatory is a community driven studio with professional quality training

and a place so many of the students call their second home.



Our goal is to create a program that will help subsidize the students at the Conservatory. 

The cost of putting a child through any high-level pursuit or peak program can be expensive 

but we feel all children deserve to follow their dreams and if we can subsidize our programs 

then we will be able to provide more opportunities for more children. 



Is to be a leader in Arts Education and create a community where the

children thrive. We want to create life experiences, develop excellence,

and be inclusive of everyone in our community. We want to be an

inspiration, encourage kindness and promote trust. A student who trusts

and believes in themselves will have a more positive attitude, will have a

better ability to face their challenges and will embrace the journey. This

positive reinforcement will ultimately bring more success.

Your donations will put you in a powerful position as you have the chance

to change a child’s life. The more financial support we achieve, the more

students we can assist. They always say it takes a community to raise a

child. We are all part of this community so join us in making a difference in a child’s life and creating the chance for any child to achieve their dreams.