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Pas de Deux

Classical & Contemporary

 In Pas de Deux students will learn how to build trust and teamwork within the course of the class. 

We offer both Classical and Contemporary Pas de Duex for students in Grade 11 and 12. They will practise lifts, turns, and much more! 


Pas de Deux 

In Contemporary Pas De Deux the students learn how to share each other weight to be able to accomplish more complicated lifts.


This requires a lot of understanding of ones body and as well as trust. This kind of Pas de Deux heightens a dancers knowledge of ones self.

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Pas de Deux 

In Classical Pas de Deux it's typically a guy and a girl dancing together with the girl always on pointe. In this partnership they work on achieving lifts, turns and the boy will assist the girl on holding positions for longer then the girl would normally be able to hold on her own. Doing all of this flawlessly and with a smile. 

In this class not only do they work on technique but they also work on repertoire from Famous Ballets.